Friday, February 18, 2011

Just because - Pei Yin

Since the first click of the shutter, i knew it would be an easy session - she looked gorgeous in every angle. Despite the gloomy weather, she provided the sunshine, the smile, the beauty. Thanks Pei Yin for being such a sport, i hope these pictures more than make up for the ant bites ;)

PS Make up and hair styling by, you guessed it, Shinny Ong


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Yashgin

After having shot little yashgin's full moon party, i was pleasantly surprised that her dad glyn, called me up to ask if i could do a family portrait session for them one weekend. Of course i was glad to do so, for little yashgin is simply adorable ! Here are some of my favourites from the shoot, thanks glyn and jessica for being the friendliest couple, and for giving me so many parental tips ;) Hope my little one is as cute as yours ~

Benny & Stephanie - Wedding actual day

My first wedding shoot of 2011, meet Benny and Stephanie. Here's to many many more beautiful weddings like this to capture for the rest of the year~~~

Chia see + Shawn + Joe

I have to admit, i was nervous going into the shoot. Shooting kids was always challenging, and there i was being commissioned to shoot TWO at the same time, on top of doing a quick portrait session for the mother. Turned out my fears were unfounded - simply because the 3 of them are simply gorgeous, beautiful people.
Thanks Chia See for this wonderful opportunity. Hope and pray my kid will be as cute as yours :P Gosh, just can't wait!!! Hahaha.....

PS Make up and styling by the superb Shinny Ong, thanks for the awesome job!