Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding in the sky

Not every person has the opportunity to witness a 'wedding in the sky', much less the privilege to shoot one. So when Soh San and Yee Siang gave me a chance to capture their engagement session 421 meters above KL, I was ecstatic. It started raining on our way to KL Tower, but god bless by the time we got there, the skies were clear again. Initially the wind was a bit too strong for them to be comfortably posing, but soon with the fabulous rays of the sun setting and the sweet smiles of this beautiful couple, everything turned out perfect. A couple of pictures on that special day:

More on the way, stay tuned!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

William and Yin Yin

Wedding proposals are made in all the strange places nowadays, you have it happening under water, in an airplane, during a bungee jump ...... I guess as long as the location has a special meaning to the couple, it really does not matter where the question is thrown.
William and Yin Yin's love story had their beginnings at the zoo, so it was natural that William chose the same spot to slip the ring into Yin Yin's fingers. Being the good natured fellow that he was, he did it in front of a couple of smelly elephants, just so they could have a laugh about it everytime they were asked about how he proposed. =)
It was a blast shooting this fantastic couple, with William giving Jim Carrey a run for his money with tons of goofy expressions. In fact, this is the first time I took so many shots of the groom for a wedding! As for the bride, let me just show you a sneak preview of her so you know why my lenses loved her so much:

William. This guy's a natural!

They had some issues getting this to set off in the right direction, but trust Yin Yin's dad to come to the rescue =)

William getting some help to get the 'sisters' to open the door leading to his soulmate.

At last, William 'breaks through', celebrating with a kiss for his beloved.