Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Girl on the Train

After a wedding shoot in the morning, I had the opportunity to capture the beauty of Yvonne, a pretty young lady who hails from the northern state of Alor Setar. Despite shooting for 6 hours already, her enthusiasm caught on me and I could say it was one of the best individual portrait sessions I have had in a while. She obliged to every request, at one time being bitten by ants when sitting amongst tall grass but not moving an inch just so I could capture the moment.

Thanks Yvonne for being such a sport.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victor and Carmen - An afternoon of love, laughter and tears.

I have to confess, after the first meeting with this lovely couple at a ice cream parlor in mt kiara,
i was a bit concerned. Wanting to have simple wedding ceremony, Victor and Carmen opted to skip the whole she-bang of having gangs of 'brothers' storm into the house, doing things they will never be caught dead doing on any other day just to please the 'sisters' standing on the bride's side. Nope, he'll just drive up to her house, pick her up, drive her to the restaurant for a lunch reception with about 20 odd tables of guests, and call it a day. Nothing wrong, I'm all for simplicity, except as the photographer for this special day, i was thinking : Would there be enough moments to capture to actually turn in at the end of the day? To add to my concerns, Victor came across as an extremely successful individual who I usually stereotype as camera shy and not exactly fond of having their picture taken. Boy, was I wrong on both accounts.

Victor was spontaneous, to say the least. Driving his VW convertible, he obliged to a brief 'staged' session of shots before heading for the restaurant. On the way, he did some fancy driving and having his friend behind the wheel of my car, I managed to sneak a few shots of them whisking to the lunch reception. Throw in plenty of love, laughter as well as teary moments of joy, I was one happy photographer that day. Thank you, Victor, Carmen, for letting me being part of your special day. You two make simple beautiful.