Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Edmund and Clovy

Some couples are made to be. Such is the case of Edmund and Clovy. Fun-loving, vibrant. That's the people that they are, and that was how the wedding that they had was. Thanks for having me share your special day guys, it was awesome.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chun Sian and Mei Cheng

I've heard quite a few photographers say that they prefer not to shoot weddings of relatives and friends. There are too many familiar faces around to act as disruptions, creating many awkward moments during the job.

However, when one of my best buds asked me to shoot for his big day, i agreed to do so almost instantaneously. For one, the girl he is sharing his life with is also one of my good pals, and secondly, nearly ten years ago, I was the one who was cheering him on when he tried to win her heart. So, having the opportunity to capture their happily ever after event was a godsend. Congratulations Chun Sian and Mei Cheng, may you two have many blissful years ahead. Cheers.